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Cost All Church Study Begins

All Church Study Begins!

All campuses will participate in this study!

For more information on COST visit: eastviewresources.com

Cost is an all church study that encourages Christ followers to count the cost for following. In Luke 14:25-33, Jesus turns to the large crowds who were following him and encouraged them to count the cost for following. Discipleship, Jesus teaches, is just like building a tower or going to war; one must consider the price before committing to the task. Perhaps no other disciple understood this better than the apostle and gospel writer, Matthew. In the book that bears his name, this former tax collector talks of treasure, money, value, riches, and giving more than any other gospel writer. And thereby, he gives us a guide for counting the cost. In this five-week study, "Cost" will help you discover the price for following Christ. Each week will guide us as we...

-Consider the obstacle money and riches can be when it comes to following Jesus

-Study Jesus' teaching about what we treasure and how that reveals our hearts

-Talk about the value we place on the kingdom and following Jesus

-Think about our stewardship and how we invest for the master's kingdom

-View our resources as our best opportunity to worship our Lord

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